Wildkamp, a technical wholesaler and service provider

Our organisational cornerstone is of course Wildkamp. A technical wholesaler and service provider as well as a specialist in the field of water technology. Wildkamp provides consultancy services, delivers specialist technical articles and offers comprehensive, overall solutions. We reach out to landscape gardeners, the agricultural sector, recreation, construction, industry, the DIY handyman and other professionals. We reach them through our website, the Wildkamp app, social media channels or through one of the 45 sales outlets located throughout the Netherlands.

Facts & figures

  • Launched in 1972
  • Specialist in the field of water technology
  • More than 200,000 quality items on offer
  • Local inventory: an average of 6,000 various product types per outlet, aligned with the location itself
  • 2 million unique website visitors in 2020
  • More than one million orders in 2020
  • 94% of the 5,500 reviews recommend Wildkamp
  • Customer satisfaction: 8.7
  • Number of staff: 200+