From strategy to execution. Quality is our joint effort!

We are the platform between manufacturers and the market

We contribute our experience, extensive product, application, and market knowledge to collaborate with the manufacturer in reaching the market optimally. Connecting supply and demand is our focus! What we can offer for manufacturers:

Market access

We reach diverse target audiences through various distribution channels (see market approach). From agriculture to retailers and industrial clients, we cater to a wide range of sectors. In the Netherlands, we have sales branches and customers across the entire country. We also conduct sales in Belgium and Germany. Therefore, a target-specific approach based on audience, region, or country is possible, as well as a focused approach, whether online or offline. Our omnichannel approach provides various possibilities.

The audiences we reach:

  • Agricultural
  • Mechanisation
  • Landscaping
  • Recreation
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Consumption industry
  • Infrastructure
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Wholesale
  • DIY
  • Government
  • Purchasing associations
  • Private individual

Enter a new market or reach a specific target group? We know the way.   

Warehousing and logistics

We have our own distribution center spanning over 63,000 square meters. This allows us to guarantee fast delivery, stock the inventory of various manufacturers, and ensure efficient distribution.

Storage and seamless distribution? We’ll arrange it.   

Team of specialists

We have a team filled with product specialists – individuals with substantive knowledge and market expertise based on 50 years of experience and data. Additionally, we have an expert team that handles calculations and designs for our clients. Collaboration with partners occurs at every level. We engage directly with the right individuals within organizations, both at the manufacturer and customer ends. We keep communication lines short and work efficiently together towards the same goal.

Understand the business? Sure thing: we have the knowledge and experience in-house.

Taking product to market together

From determining the marketing strategy to promotion through various channels. From conducting needs assessments among the target audience to collaborative product promotion. We are a full-service marketing organization. As a data-driven entity with our own distribution channels, including trained sales representatives, we understand better than anyone what it takes to effectively market products.

With an in-house marketing and e-commerce team, we can often manage the promotion of assortments and products internally. This includes organizing webinars in our own studio, creating designs, and handling the realization of point-of-sale materials. We also optimize article data, translate product information and content, produce photos and videos in-house, and develop content tailored to the various platforms where the assortment is promoted.

Category management is also part of our daily activities. We provide our customers with advice on the right products and assortment compositions. Visual merchandising is also an important component of our services.

Enhance brand recognition and market visibility? We know the way.

Identifying and sharing opportunities

We consider it important to share insights into performance and market opportunities. We gather extensive data on sales, products, and the types of customers purchasing our products. Our sales representatives have direct contact with various target audiences, providing us with immediate insight into the needs and preferences of these groups. When we identify opportunities, we share them with the manufacturer, fostering proactive collaboration

Market opportunities? We see them, share them and take them together!